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Big Russ Beer Cheese and Weight Watchers
For all of us you out there that use Weight Watchers, you will be happy to know Big Russ Beer Cheese is only 2 points!
Enjoy Big Russ Beer Cheese with celery, carrots, peppers, broccoli, or just your finger!
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Big Russ Beer Cheese Football Season

It's the official start of the NFL pre-season!!!
Here's more info on the games:

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How do you do your Big Russ Beer Cheese?
Any way you make it is umm umm good! Tell us how you like to use Big Russ Beer Cheese. We love hearing from our customers! We have added some new recipes. Here is the link to check them out. Enjoy!
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Spice it up with Big Russ Beer Cheese
Spice up your everyday favorites by adding Big Russ Beer Cheese to almost any dish! Add it to macaroni, chili, scrambled eggs, and so much more to get an unmistakable kick to dinner tonight!
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Big Russ Beer Cheese Beer Slide Monday

There is hope! Monday's don't have to be your enemy! Check out these ideas:

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Big Russ Beer Cheese Toast

So what is your favorite toast? We've posted one of ours. Check out this site for more great toasts:

Have a great weekend!

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It's almost Friday!
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Have a sweet tooth?
Sometimes we all just need a little something sweet. Here are some great beer and candy pairings you might want to try. Looks absolutely yummy!
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