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We face Belgium today as we attempt to take on a more aggressive "attack-mode" for the early part of the match. One of Belgium's tactics in the game is to score late to leave little room for opponents to comeback. Let's rally and defeat Belgium so we can advance into the next round! More info on World Cup coverage here:

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This one is dedicated to all of you single men out there!

Even if you're not smooth with the ladies, your dog is.
Bring it with you!

Here are some more funny dating tips for you dudes:

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Big Russ Beer Cheese lives the big apple

Had a great night out on the town. So glad The Fancy Food show chose such a fabulous location for their event! For more information on the show check out

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Big Russ Beer Cheese National Hug Day Image

Big Russ Beer Cheese wants to make sure you spread the love today on National Hug Day! In this day and age we have become so digital that we forget what is really important. Reach out today and connect with loved ones. A simple hug could change the course of someone’s entire day! Check out some other great reasons why we should be hugging frequently:

Have an awesome Sunday!
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Big Russ Beer Cheese would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly! Have fun and stay safe!
Here are some more weird and random factoids:

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Big Russ Beer Cheese National Chocolate Pudding Day Image

Our bad! We had our months confused! Sorry about that. So now we have the rest of the day to enjoy some chocolatey goodness :] Here is a link to some historical facts on the origins of the desert:

The Big Russ Beer Cheese peeps want you all to enjoy your chocolate pudding!

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Big Russ Bee Cheese bagel image

Today is another national occasion worth celebrating! You guessed it, Bagelfest Day! Americans seem to love bagels and everything else that you can pile on top of them! Heck, even a little smear of beer cheese in the morning would be a tasty treat! Wait, this just in!!! It's actually National Chocolate Pudding Day. Oops, wrong month! We'll get that fixed for you guys. Our friends at have a little insight on today:

While we fix out goof, please check out our site at:

Thanks guys!
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big russ beer chess national pralines day

The team at Big Russ Beer Cheese is more than sure that all of you have been waiting in extreme anticipation for National Pralines Day. Well, here it is, in all of its glory! Historically speaking, pralines were invented in France. They started out as sugared almonds. Settlers in 18th-century Louisiana replaced the almonds with pecans and then added some cream. Seconds later, the Southern praline was born. Here's some more great info on pralines, enjoy!

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Big Russ Beer Cheese Reheats Pizza

A great Russipe for reheating pizza! This insures a crispy crust and melted cheese! You have to love mans ingenuity! If you want to check out other ways to store and reheat pizza, check out this link:

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Big Russ Beer Cheese Go Team USA image World Cup

Team USA goes in as an underdog again and faces Portugal. The biggest challenge to the US team boils down to one man, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is arguably the world's greatest soccer player. Team USA goes into this match optimistic after they defeated Ghana 2-1. Portugal also faces a challenge with Ronaldo nursing an injured left knee. Portugal also lost 4-0 against Germany in their first game. For more info on today's game, follow this link:

For more info on the best Kentucky beer cheese in the world , check out:

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