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Big Russ Beer Cheese would like to take this opportunity to say, "Happy Summer Everyone!" Today is the official first day of summer, also known as the Summer Solstice. Here's what our friends at USA Today have to say about it:

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Happy Friday everybody! Stop by and check us out at 

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Big Russ could not have said it better!Big Russ could not have said it better
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Big Russ beer cheese celebrates national fishing day

Yes, guys, today is the day. Go out and make us proud. You've been working on excuses all year long to enjoy one of America's most enjoyed activities... fishing! Big Russ Beer Cheese isn't exactly the official beer cheese of National Go Fishing Day, but we're trying! Oh yea, and here's the website to prove what today really is:   Not that you needed some validation!

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The team at Big Russ Beer Cheese wanted to congratulate Team USA for triumphing on their 30th World Cup appearance against Ghana in Brazil! The game was truly inspiring and fierce. Within the first 30 seconds of the game, Clint Dempsey scored a goal. Team USA was ahead until the 82nd minute. At that point, Andre Ayew of team Ghana got in a ridiculous goal. Then, with only 4 minutes remaining, John Brooks made the winning goal for the US win! From the Team at Big Russ, CONGRATULATIONS TEAM USA! For more info on yesterday’s game, check out this link:
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Big Russ is going to be traveling to the Big Apple on June 29th! We'll be representing a little Kentucky tradition with Big Russ Premium Beer Cheese until July 1. Here's a link to check out the show: 
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It looks like the Big Boss had some really important meetings.
Enjoy the weekend friends!

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Happy Friday everyone! The Big Russ team is going to be using the Nabble platform for the official Big Russ Beer Cheese Blog. As for now, enjoy your weekend and do what you love to do, eat what you love to eat, and be with those whom you love to give a hard time to! Cheers & Beer Cheese! Oh, and shameless product plug... Have you guys tried our spicy Habanero flavored beer cheese? Give it a try! It'll give you another reason to knock back a couple of cold ones!

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